Troubleshooting your LED Controller

If your Digboard doesn’t seem to be working here are some things to check:

Jumpers: Make sure the 12v/5v jumper is in the right place You are responsible for making sure the voltage jumper is in the right place. If you blow it, we can’t replace it.

Make sure the Data pin selector jumper is in the right place (diguno only)

Wiring: Make sure you’re data wire is connected to the correct terminal on the board

Make sure you’re connected to the “Data In” side of the LED strip Check that the fuse has not blown

Is the Blue LED ON? If NOT then remove the D1mini (or mini32) and connect it to a USB power source

Does the LED light up now?

If it does then there may be a problem with the Voltage Regulator on the Dig board.

If you have a voltmeter, power the Dig board and check the voltages at the Voltage Regulator pins.

If you aren’t getting 12v then check your PS voltage If it isn’t 12v you have a bad PS.

If you have 12v at the Regulator then check the 5v pin If you have 5v there then the Regulator is good If you do NOT get 5v then the Regulator is bad

If the LED does NOT come on then connect the D1mini/mini32 to your PC and attempt to reflash it with WLED.

ESP8266 version for D1mini ESP32_LEDpin16 for the mini32

Was the reflash successful? Is the Blue LED on now?

If it IS on now, reconnect it to the Dig board. It should be fixed

If the reflash was NOT successful and the BlueLED is NOT coming on, then it is likely a bad D1mini/ESP32

If the Blue LED is ON but there’s no output to the LEDs: You can check the Level-shifter by removing the Data pin Jumper and connecting a wire from the 2 pin to the Data in pin on the LEDs.

If that makes the LEDs work then the level shifter is bad

Get a Voltmeter!

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